BC Stay on Standard Time!

BC Stay on Standard Time!

445 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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John Horgan (BC NDP) and

Why this petition matters

Started by Teri Grant

So science says, standard time is healthier for us, if we are going to stop changing our clocks twice a year, let’s change it one last time this fall, and then leave it at that!

The BC NDP has just asked if we would add our voice to stay on daylight savings time, but did not ask us or give us the option to vote if we prefer to keep the time change, or stay on standard time? Let’s share with them that a lot of us prefer standard time! We all get a vote! What is the point of collecting votes for only one option?

There was over 200,000 votes to stay on DST, let’s give the BC NDP a million or more votes to stay on Standard time!

If we are following other provinces, or US states, did their citizens get a vote? What information/data was collected to decide to stay on DST? There are detrimental health risks with DST, what is the downside to staying on Standard Time? We need to get answers to these questions from those deciding for us!

Please sign this petition, and share it! I will bring this to BC politicians and media, but I need your help!

445 have signed. Let’s get to 500!