Humanity For Horses Rescue -Concerned Citizens for Horse Welfare

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Many people are concerned about the number of horses retained by Humanity for Horses in Duncan, BC. as well as the operation of this foundation. Please sign this petition if you, or someone you know, has been affected, if you have had negative experiences, or witnessed unethical or abusive practices -or if you are just concerned about the information you have received or read on their page!

There are many reports (with supporting evidence) over the past several years of the following:

  • not adopting out horses to qualified homes, or not replying at all while posting looking for homes for horses
  • an apparently excessive amount of horses kept in a facility that is not designed to hold that many horses. 
  • Founder expressing lack of manpower, and personal ability to provide the proper care required to feed, clean and attend to the health of the many horses in her possession
  • keeping young adoptable horses and not offering them to the public despite that being their mandate to adopt out horses.
  • removing horses and ponies from suitable foster/Free-lease homes without just cause other than the contract says she can.
  • posting on social media again and again that there are emergency funds needed to pay for feed
  • Founder expressing that the cost of the care for the horses in her possession ranges from $10,000-$13,000/ month, then claiming that is more than her ability to provide, while continuously posting about new rescue horses acquired at the auction
  • lack of following the rules of a not-for-profit. Example: not providing financial statements when requested, not providing proof of a Board of Directors with meeting minutes outlining how decisions affecting the society are made and funds spent. Not providing documents to the public or members when requested.
  • while pleading for funds, purchasing horses that are known to require immediate surgery, and then pleading for more funds to provide extreme veterinary care.
  • documented cases of shipping and delivering to adopters, equines that are in bad health and not fit to travel and have not received urgent veterinary care as needed.
  • Reports of them bidding against private homes and other rescues at the horse auctions.
  • the founder being held responsible by the BC Conservation Officer Service for the death and illness of at least 12 eagles in Duncan, BC due to an improperly disposed of euthanized carcass from the rescue barn.

As concerned citizens we condemn the behavior of this Foundation and wish to see it permanently disbanded, the horses, contracts for all adoptions and fosters, and the feed and supplies used in the care of these horses currently under the ownership of Humanity for Horses Foundation be transferred to a new organization. This new Organization will offer a properly run Not-For-Profit with a voting board of Directors that will serve the horse community, act professional and responsible in it's dealings with the public, and look after the health and welfare of the horses in the organization -with an aim to place these horses-in-need in loving homes.

*this petition was created under an alias due to receiving real or perceived threats, and subsequent fear for the creator(s). I have now stepped forward to publicly own it and accept the risk. Thanks for your understanding.