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Recently Cermaq (Mainstream Canada) demanded a signed apology from outspoken salmon feedlot critic Don Staniford when he compared them to the likes of "Big Tobacco". The wild salmon people attending the 20 day libel case they brought against Don believe instead it is the industry that should be making the apology to the public and retract false statements made on their website. We drafted the same style letter and demand they sign it. If you believe they should sign such a letter add your name to this petition.

Letter to
BC Salmon Farmers Association / Mainstream (Cermaq)
We write to apologize and to retract false statements that were made by us on the BC Salmon Facts and BC Salmon Farmers Association website, facebook, twitter and elsewhere, in which we made false statements about farmed salmon being safe for consumption and the environment, deceiving the public in particular.

Over the past years we have published statements on the BC Salmon Farmers Association & BC Salmon Facts websites making false claims that salmon farming is safe, sustainable, and does not harm the environment. Those statements compared farmed salmon with a healthy food product, and claimed to be free of cancer causing contaminants.

We apologize for making those claims when studies have shown that farmed salmon do in fact contain cancer causing contaminants.

Further, we apologize for disrespecting First Nations communities who have repeatedly asked us to remove our farms from their territory.

We apologize for using First Nations communities to raise and promote a product that kills wild salmon that First Nations culture depend on, all the while claiming to benefit them.

We apologize for claiming it as fact that farmed salmon is raised naturally when in fact there is nothing natural about raising salmon in hatcheries, growing them in net pens, using artificial lights to force growth, importing GM feed from beyond BC, adding chemicals, drugs, colorants and terrestrial animal by-products to the feed and barging it out to farms.

We apologize for saying there are no hormones or genetic modification to enhance growth when the feed for farmed salmon is comprised of genetically modified soy and wheat products as well as body contents from genetically and hormonally altered chickens and pigs.

We apologize for saying that salmon farm information is publicly available and easily accessed when in fact we have kept our farmed salmon from being independently tested for diseases and were reluctant to release disease records from our farms for the Inquiry into the Decline of the Fraser River Sockeye Salmon.

We apologize for selling farmed salmon as a healthy food choice that's available fresh all year round when it's not a healthy food choice and salmon aren't naturally available year round.

We apologize for saying salmon farm locations are selected for their low environmental impact when they are placed on migratory routes of wild salmon and use the marine environment as a free sewage dump.

We apologize for saying farmed salmon feed is designed specifically to conserve wild fish stocks when we deplete forage fish from the oceans and allow farmed salmon to consume young wild salmon and other small fish.

We apologize for introducing unnaturally vaccinated farmed salmon into the marine environment under the guise of removing the risk of disease.

We apologize for saying farmed salmon rarely need additional medications when testimony was given in court that vets administer the medication "Slice" regularly to control outbreaks of sea lice.

We apologize for misleading the public about the dye that is used to color Atlantic salmon.

We apologize for taking advantage of the natural ecosystem and destroying it in the process of using it to make money, all the while claiming to be the largest Agri Product and continuer to local economies.

We apologize for dragging Don Staniford through a costly and stressful lawsuit in an attempt to keep the truth from the public and for insinuating that he lied.

We apologize for abusing the "meaning" of words such as “natural”,” fact”, "sustainable" and “beneficial”.

We apologize for deceiving the public through our BC Salmon Facts campaign.

These statements were untrue and are without foundation. We unreservedly retract and withdraw these statements, and apologize for our actions.

We are pleased to make this apology and retraction, on our behalf and on behalf of the Norwegian fish farm companies around the world, and sincerely regret any embarrassment or inconvenience that may have been caused by the statements, which were completely false.


Mainstream/Cermaq Witness


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