Petition Update

Experts Weigh In On Cat Killings

Lisa Latif
Maple Ridge, BC

Jun 7, 2012 — Thank you all so much for supporting this petition and finding justice for the cats of Maple Ridge. This is a great start to the petition! After only nearly 500 signatures, the local newspaper stated today, June 6, 2012:
"The SPCA is enlisting the help of an American animal crime scene expert and is considering the use dogs to hunt down the person/s responsible for a series of cat mutilations in Maple Ridge, as concern grows in the neighbourhoods."
The RCMP is finally acknowledging that these are NOT animals killing the cats, but in fact, humans. Lorie Chortyk of the SPCA stated "the dismemberment is too precise to be done by an animal". She also says that the culprit could be "someone with a mental illness, teenagers committing a prank, or someone performing a cultural ritual. It could also be a future serial killer."
Law enforcement is finally waking up! Thank you for your continued support in being a voice for these innocent cats as we become closer to our goal.

- Lisa Latif