Suspend in-person education and shift to remote for RRU to KEEP EVERYONE SAFE

Suspend in-person education and shift to remote for RRU to KEEP EVERYONE SAFE

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Started by RRU CSSA

Affected by the strong rebound of the new crown epidemic, the number of cases on Vancouver Island has continued to rise, and many schools have infected individuals and groups with the new Omicron virus. The University of Victoria had already announced to suspend in person classes in January. Out of concerns about the speed of Canadian medical services, many potential cases may not be detected. In order to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic on the RRU campus in advance, we believe that it should be taken seriously. One thing that needed to be highlighted is that there are currently students in RRU who have been infected with the new omicron virus and who are currently experiencing symptoms and are making appointments for testing. Face-to-face courses in this environment are very insecure and irresponsible for both students and staff of RRU. 

We, the students at the Royal Roads University had suffered from extreme fear and pressure and are concerned about RRU’s current decisions which strongly underestimated the risks.

Therefore, we demand RRU to SUSPEND in-person classes and shift to remote education in consideration of everyone’s safety.


“No one can ever be responsible for another person’s life, don’t learn it hard and wait until it’s too late”

We really appreciated your time and effort, please inform your colleagues to sign this petition, let’s stand together and fight for our safety!

71 have signed. Let’s get to 100!