Keep Mount Begbie Natural

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Official written signatures required

Hey there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to sign and share this online petition, we have had over 3000 signatures which means it is something the community feels very strongly about and is getting behind, you guys rock!!

UNFORTUNATELY, as we have looked into this further we were informed what is really required is a Government Sanctioned paper petition as online petitions do not hold up in parliament.
Our local MLA Doug Clovechok has agreed to officially take the written petition to Parliament and put up the fight for us, so I have one more huge favour to ask everyone.

Sometime between now and August 9th when you are in or around town please stop into either the post office, museum or we will have a tent at the Saturday Market and put pen to paper for this petition.

We are making real progress on this and there is a tonne of work being done behind the scenes so please take this little bit of time and pop into one of the places to sign.

*you must be a B.C. resident to sign! If you aren’t but would still like to help please contact me and I will let you know how you can.


Thanks again!


Daniel Doughty
12 months ago