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Big corporations are coming into Manufactured home parks and buying up all the properties to develop them into townhouses, condos and apartments. 

They are not giving the residents, mostly SENIORS the fair value for their properties and are using scare tactics and bullying to force them to sign contracts they should not be signing. Most of the time they are only given ONE TO TWO WEEKS to sign something that will determine the fate of the rest of their lives!!!! 

How is this possible? How is this legal? How is this ETHICAL?????? 

Renters have more power than these people who own their homes, and have owned their homes for years! 

My goal is to help prevent future seniors and generations from being torn apart by these big corporations who only care about money. 

They do not care about the people, they do not care that most of these people have no where to go after they evict these people from their homes they have lived in for years and years. 

These seniors and residents will never be able to buy again with the low amounts that these corporations offer. Because pad rents are low, they will also never be able to find anything to rent at the same rents they are paying now. Most of our seniors can barely afford to live now! How can we expect them to have to move and will have to pay at the least, double, what they are paying now. 

This is not going to be possible for them! 

We need to have laws in place that will prevent these developers from coming in and taking over all these parks, properties without the proper assessed values of the properties. 

The thing is, most of the properties are way under assessed value. The residents do not think they need to get their properties reassessed. Most of these properties have probably not been assessed in years!

How? Houses are assessed all the time. Their values go up year after year. 

My parents property is still at the same assessed value from 2013!!! 

For seniors living in manufactured home parks, their taxes will not go up if the value of their home goes up. After the age of 65 their taxes are capped. So they need to have their properties reassessed so if this ever happens to them and a big developer comes in and takes over, they will be getting the proper assessed value of their home. 

There needs to be a law that ensures these people will have somewhere else affordable to live! 

My parents are in a manufactured home park and this is happening to them! They have been offered $100,000 less than what their property should be assessed at. This has happened to many of the parks here in Surrey and all over BC. 

We need to take a stand and fight against these developers. 

Not only for the people in manufactured home parks, but anyone who is an area that will become a major development area. 

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