Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park Multi-Use Trails Under Threat

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When Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park on Salt Spring Island, Southern Gulf Islands, was created in 2004, the multi-use trails were designed for all park users to enjoy: hikers, dog walkers, birdwatchers, cyclists, and equestrians. Burgoyne Bay is the jewel in the crown of Salt Spring Island and beloved by all users. Recent changes however, driven by important wetland restoration, have compromised some multi-use trails. BC Parks has replaced a wide flat bridge over a creek with a narrow single-track bridge containing stairs, and curves; as well, a multi-use trail has been eliminated and no alternate route found. Community consultation would have given us the opportunity to speak up.

Horse riders now find themselves having to access the park by a busy road, and are no longer able to ride a circuit. Cyclists have to carry their bicycles over the creek or up the steps; and some pedestrians will be inconvenienced by the decommissioned trails. Burgoyne Bay has always been a place for everyone to enjoy, and should remain so, for all of us. 

A 'work around' route has been identified that will not trespass on Capital Regional District land, but has yet to be acknowledged by BC Parks; and once a route is found, funding is being sought from several equestrian organizations to build a second bridge that would accommodate horses and bicycles - a wider and stronger structure. 

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Photo credit: Jen Joy Middleton