Revise the Requirements for Masks in BC Schools

I have two good stories for wearing masks. One is a Korean student who was in my virtual class and said that life there is reasonably normal on transit and visiting with friends except everyone abides by wearing a mask. Another story is from a health care worker in Vancouver who worked for two days in a care facility, carrying COVID-19, while wearing a mask and did not transmit the virus during that time.

Masks, ventilation, social distancing when possible, and proper personal and surface hygiene. Get these things mandated and in place and make it physically safe so that this generation is not further compromise socially and mentally by the lack of clarity and leadership on these issues. Study what countries like China and South Korea did right. Don’t come down too heavy fisted, like in Australia, or in denial like parts of the USA, but get the message and mandate out there and seek compliance through education and fact.

Well ventilated spaces reduce the risk by 19 times from what I have read. If people sanitize and get into the habit of not touching their mask. and sanitizing before and following face/mask contact we can significantly lower the risk of spread. We can do this smart and right BC!

Aurelia Laxdal, Vancouver, Canada
1 year ago
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