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BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources: Stop the B.C. Wolf Cull!

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Tell the BC government that slaughtering wolves is unethical and irresponsible. 

The BC Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource Operations has released a draft report  (see it here: ) proposing a strategy for managing BC's grey wolf population.  The proposed plan is a response to claims that grey wolf populations are growing out of control, contributing to declining Caribou populations and causing problems for farmers.  The plan argues that the only effective strategy for coping with these problems is to lift (already lenient) restrictions on wolf hunters, hiring contract hunters to kill wolf packs and offering bounties as incentive to hunters. 

Upon reading the plan, there appears to be minimal consideration of other non-lethal strategies for addressing the concerns about Caribou populations.  There is also little evidence presented which concretely links wolf populations as the only cause of Caribou decline.  The writer admits in the report that there are gaps in our knowledge about the role that wolves play, in combination with other 'predator' species, in threatening the survival of prey species. 

Furthermore, there is little critical thought given to the assumption underpinning the strategy that human interests (consumption of fur, for example) are superior to the survival of other species.

The Ministry outlines four objectives for the 'Management plan', all of which are problematic: 

Ministry objectives 1) Ensure self sustaining population of species & 2) provide for consumptive/ non-consumptive use of wolves:  

Human's are not, and have never been responsible stewards of the land.  It is ignorant to subscribe to the belief that human's are the only engineers capable of ensuring the sustainability of animal populations, as though the natural world couldn't exist without us.  This is especially true when history illustrates a human track record of causing suffering, habitat destruction and overall population decline.   It is challening to understand logic which advocates killing as a strategy for promoting species sustainability.  Rather than fostering life, this strategy advocates death and violence.

Furthermore, the notion of "sustainable hunting" is an oxymoron.  It is not our role to "manage" wolf populations for the purposes of sustaining our ability to continue killing them.  The belief that animals and the natural environment exist for human 'use' (exploitation) is at the root of many of the ecological disasters we face today - such as climate change, resource depletion and mass extinction of species at risk.  

Ministry Objective 3 - Protect public safety and private property:   

Wolves do not pose a great enough threat to human safety to justify killing them.  The rates of wolf attacks are smaller than those of other predator animals.  More importantly wolf attacks on people causing death are much smaller in number than human deaths attributed to man-made causes (such as violence and vehicle deaths). 

Protection of 'private property' is an illegitimate and human centred justification for slaughtering animals.  Humans are far more destructive to wolves' livelihoods than they are to people, as humans destroy their habitat with resource extraction, such as mining, pipelines, and other man made developments.   

Ministry Objective 4  - Manage species at risk:   

The concern about protecting the endangered Caribou population is an important one, and one that requires attention.  However, killing off one species to protect another is an easy solution that serves human interests above all else.  Requiring minimal resources, and distracting attention from other environmental threats to Caribou (such as destructive mining and fracking), killing wolves is the easy way out for the BC Government.  There are other, more sustainable and humane, ways to protect Caribou.   

For these reasons we urge the BC Government to stop the wolf cull and look at more humane and responsible ways of responding to concerns from farmers and those worried about Caribou populations.

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