Increase Government Oversight of Fish Farms in BC

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1. The spread of Piscine Reovirus, a disease that is potentially a causative agent of an often fatal condition, Heart & Skeletal Muscle Inflammation (HSMI) that has infected a large percentage of the wild salmon population in BC.
2. Improper biological waste management of effluent pipes allowing infected/unsanitized offal to be disposed of into many wild salmons’ migratory paths, allowing for more parasites & diseases (Such as HSMI) to be spread along with disrupting the ecosystem.
3. Misuse/overuse of antibiotics potentially resulting in rapid adaptation of bacterial resistance to antibiotics making certain strains less treatable.

More oversight of fish farms & fish processing plants in BC & legislation/regulation, transforming aquaculture into a land-based industry (Ex. Kuterra fish farming facility), and using ocean-based closed pens that don't allow for interaction with the environment.

Personal story
Fish are a necessary component of BC’s economy & ecosystem, from small, family owned businesses to multi-national corporations, & the mismanagement of this industry is short-sighted & will result in endangerment of BC’s natural biome.