Create a better plan for social housing at 2025 Agassiz Road, Kelowna.

I am opposed to the construction of this “combination Homeless /addiction “ unit.
Homelessi could support - combined is not feasible. I recently moved from a city that constructed a seniors housing unit - however when the initial owners turned it over to Provincial Housing - it became home to anyone in need of a roof over their head. The Seniors who initially lived in the units did not feel safe and were quickly moved by family to other senior residences. The building is now overrun with druggies and homeless - and is a sore eye within the city. Sure yours will be monitored for a few years - but what happens when the funds evaporate ? Or when the addicts no longer are monitored. You cannot convince me the outcome will be different. The City wanted in on Government funding and will do whatever it wants to get the money. Thing is - that it is the taxpayers money & we should haveasayin where & how our money is spent. Our Condo values will immediately
fall - and who is to blame? The City of Kelowna. We live in this city & pay taxes - and most put their life savings into our Condos - so we can lose our investment? Totally unacceptable! The city wanted this parcel of land the minute the church sold it to a n entrepreneur - who was given the run around getting permits to built - to the point he gave up and sold to the city. The City of Kelowna - who had no respect for the agreement the initial buyer had with the church & the conditions he accepted when he bought the property.

Alexis Hawrysh, Kelowna, Canada
2 years ago
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