Create a better plan for social housing at 2025 Agassiz Road, Kelowna.

Our main objection is the WET facility. There hasn't been this type of facility put up in a high density neighbourhood, previously, let alone among over 700 seniors. We need to walk by this to get to the mall - stores, pharmacies, Drs offices, cinema, etc. This will attract additional addicts and dealers as the residents who use will be allowed to inject in the facility - in a common room and in their own private rooms. Those opposing us call it NIMBY, but it's much more than that. It's downright wrong - wrong location, wrong type of 'support' - there is no rehabilitation attached to this. The city and the province are using this as a quick-fix - there was no Due Diligence done with the neighbourhood prior the purchase of the land (which was twice the assessed value).

Janet Brooks, Kelowna, Canada
2 years ago
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