Keep BC Green FULL back country FIRE BAN NOW

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It's our right to protect our homes, families, livelihoods, forests and environment around us. The normal process of fire restrictions leave our communities at risk. It is not even the middle of May and we have HUMAN caused fires causing evacuations, devastating the land and polluting our air. If you wish to share your voice and urge the government to put into effect immediately a FULL back country FIRE BAN, PLEASE share and sign this petition.
As we all know campfires are a wonderful way to connect and share outdoor time with family and friends, however unsupervised campfires in our back country can easily spread due to dry conditions and limited resources. If you are not directly affected by the fires your health and those of your loved ones is still compromised, smoke travels as we all know. Let's protect our BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA and KEEP IT GREEN.