Rewrite BC School Act to remove problematic trustees

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Barry Neufeld is a widely-known problematic member of the Chilliwack School Board. He has repeatedly and regularly written Facebook posts that are liked and shared by his audience, circulating false information and hatred, particularly showcasing racism and transphobia. A quick Google search will reveal his comments have been covered widely by various news outlets, including his harmful COVID-19 conspiracy theories and transphobic beliefs. One of his last posts written by him on his own public Facebook page stated that white privilege does not exist, as Irish people have faced much more slavery than black people and the first slaves were actually white (this falsehood has been completely debunked.)

Currently, there is no way to remove an individual trustee unless they are convicted of a crime. In order to remove Barry from the Board before the next election in 2022, the Minister of Education would have to fire the entire Board. Barry has been censored, but there is not much the Board can do beyond this point. 

The BC Government needs to rewrite the School Act to include a binding Code of Conduct for trustees and the ability of the Minister of Education to remove individual trustees. We are lobbying for this change.