Urgent Safety Upgrades Needed to Hemlock Valley Road

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Hemlock Valley is a vibrant community consisting of full-time residents and thousands of families that enjoy Sasquatch Mountain Resort each year. The region is a wonderland for locals and tourists alike and a true showcase of beautiful British Columbia.

However, the only way in and out of the community is via the notorious Hemlock Valley Road -- which is owned by and the responsibility of the Province of BC.  Those that have travelled the road know that is a rapidly deteriorating, mostly unpaved logging road that was never designed to handle the large number of families that travel it each day.

Unfortunately, the inadequacy of the road was brought into the national spotlight on January 31, 2020, when a large storm destroyed more than a kilometre of the road that runs alongside a steep embankment -- trapping hundreds of people on the mountain for days without power. 

While we are all very thankful that nobody was injured (or worse) by this event, we are also frustrated that the Ministry of Transportation (MOTI) let the road deteriorate to such a vulnerable state.

The safety of our families is of utmost importance and so we are asking all visitors, residents, friends, families, businesses, members of the Sts'ailes band, and the media to put their voice and vote behind this important issue.

Our request to the Government is simple: Ensure the safety of our community by upgrading Hemlock Valley Road by September 2020.

Please, please, please take a moment to sign this important petition. Even better, please also share the link on Facebook and email it to your friends and family.