Quadra Island Priority Ferry Loading for Residents

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We need a solution to the current crisis involving ferry transport on and off Quadra Island for our community. Many of us have jobs in Campbell River, kids with activities over there, doctors appointments, etc and are having a very difficult time with the regular ferry overloads. Some of us can't afford to do all our shopping here. Some of us have kids or disabilities and so taking a bike isn't feasible. Lining up an hour in advance no longer guarantees we will get on the boat, and waiting for one hour each side plus the crossing both ways adds up to a 2.5 hour trip. May as well commute to Campbell River from Nanaimo! 

Signing this petition acknowledges that you would like to see priority loading for residents in some form. How this could be organized would come later. Bring your suggestions! Some examples include priority boarding on specific sailings each day, or specific days and times a few days per week, perhaps a certain % of the boat is reserved for residents for every sailing then it's first come first serve after that, etc. The options are endless but let's start the conversation and keep the momentum going! Hand in your driver's license along with your ferry card as proof of residence when you pay at the booth! Then line up in the designated resident lanes. As an aside, wouldn't it be helpful to have a shuttle bus driving around the "loop" (West Rd/Heriot Bay Rd) so all the tourists don't have to bring a car? How about a limit on the number of RVs allowed to board? 

The great majority of us came to live on Quadra Island for a certain quality of life, and this quality of life is rapidly being eroded. It WILL continue to get worse. We need to do something about this-NOW! Thank you for signing and please share!