Proper Ferry Service for the Sunshine Coast

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The ferry route from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale has been having capacity issues for years, especially through the summer months. With no legitimate programs in place to give residents actual priority loading this leaves commuters, people travelling for medical appointments in the city and other essential travelling stuck behind hundreds of other people who claim to be residents because they know they’ll have a better chance of catching the next boat. A simple drivers license check or a resident card/ sticker would confirm a Sunshine Coast address to place us actual residents ahead of those travelling for leisure.. Something like this in place would allow residents to skip the line and actually get onto an otherwise full ferry and that’s the way it should be, if you live here you should be able to travel home without sitting and waiting 4-7+ hours for 2-3 sailings to go by.

An address check would only start to solve the issue though. WE NEED MORE SAILINGS. Which means TWO BOATS! Especially through the summer. One EVERY HOUR through the middle of the day (even if the one alternating is the size of the Bowen Island boat which by the way was tested in 2018 I believe and proved at least somewhat effective) and/or a BIGGER BOAT! The ferries that run from Tsawwassen all seem brand spanking new, so why can’t we get newer, faster boats with bigger capacities to service one of the most booming routes there is. I’m sure the money being poured into reservations would pay for it twice over.

Reservations themselves have also become impossible to obtain and far too much deck space has been allotted for them. Residents and essential workers should have the same priority as reservations or just do away with them entirely. More frequent service would eliminate the need to reserve weeks/months in advance anyways. Reservations have simply become a cash grab for BC Ferries and people are literally buying and selling them online like scalped concert tickets.

The Sunshine Coast is expanding at an enormous rate with developments going up everywhere and with a growing population in general it only makes sense to increase the quality and sensibility of transportation services to bring people here, residents, workers and tourists alike! And with BC Ferries holding that transport monopoly they must be held accountable to keeping their customers happy with their service! Changes need to be made. Driving onto the ferry should feel like you’re just continuing down the highway, not hitting a roadblock 9/10 times. If Mark Collins can’t acknowledge this as a problem that needs to be urgently and permanently taken care of to preserve and expand future business for B.C. Ferries in general then someone else needs to step up and make it so. Because we have nowhere else to turn and we are NOT happy with the service being provided.