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On January 7th, 2021, Simple Bank customers received a pretty unprecedented email about the closure of the renowned online-only banking service. The email opens with;

"We have an update for you about your banking relationship with Simple, a subsidiary of BBVA USA.
BBVA USA has made the strategic decision to close Simple. There is no immediate impact to your accounts at Simple and nothing you need to do at this time. Since your deposits are already housed at BBVA USA, they will remain in FDIC insured accounts there, up to the applicable limits. In the future, your Simple account will become exclusively serviced by BBVA USA, but until then you can continue to access your account and your money through the Simple app or online at"

Speaking for the community of Simple accounts users, it is not fair to conclude a decision as such without consulting the many users who benefits and love Simple. There is simple no other banking service like it. We all opted into an online-only banking service due to the nature tradition banking has shown over the past years. It is corrupt and does not seek to benefit the financial well-being of typical everyday people. Simple has provided outstanding financial resources to its community of members. It has also built a reliable sense of trust that (quite frank) no other banking service has. 

We do not want to switch to BBVA (A Tradition Bank).

We love Simple and it's become part of our everyday lives. To BBVA, please reconsider the termination of Simple Bank. Please consider signing this petition and SAVE SIMPLE BANK!!!