Mr. Jihad Sadeddin to Remain as the High School Principal

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It is rumored that The Director of BBS, Gustav J Gröpp, has forced the High School Principal, Jihad Sadeddine, to quit. Mr. Jihad was more than a simple principal, he was a father, a role model, and a supporter of all his students and staff. Mr. Jihad has been a part of the BBS community for as long as 18 years. Is it logical for someone who has not been a part of the BBS community for a year to end the career of someone that has moved many hearts and was the reason behind many positive changes around the school and the lives of the students and staff? The BBS community strongly opposes, objects, and disagrees with this decision. What we want as students and members of the BBS community is simple, we want our principal, our father, our supporter and role model back. 

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