Stop Sai Baba Temple Road Widening

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Road connecting the Kundalahalli gate junction and Sai Baba Temple in Munnekollal are proposed to be widened from existing 35 Ft. to 100 Ft. This will lead to demolishing of houses of hundreds of residents living in this area, worsening of living conditions and livelihood for thousands more. 

Residents had been lawfully doing all the legal formalities for houses owned in this area including documentation of purchase, payment of taxes, payment for each and every utility like BWSSB connections, BESCOM connections. 

The point to note is that people who have legally bought properties in this area have spend lakhs of rupees of their hard earned and tax paid income to buy houses here. Many a people are still paying the loans. 

Extension of this road has grave consequences on lives and livelihoods of thousands of residents of this area. Some of the buildings would be completely demolished, if this plan is executed. Which will cause many people to literally come on street and become homeless after having paid lakhs of rupees of hard earned and tax paid income and their lives worth of savings. 

Most of people living here are employees of IT companies and have worked hard to earn every single rupee to save and own their homes. Despite being supportive of the administration, prompt tax-payers, prompt with clearing dues for every single amenity utilised and having borne huge loans to buy a home near the IT areas, this is not only a shock but also injustice.

We have legally procured the property with our earned and taxed income. We have worked hard and put our blood and sweat into building the IT Capital of India, Bangalore. We had also contributed to local economy by voting and also paying taxes on time.



This petition requests the Government & BBMP to stop the plan and prevent from taking up any road widening activity.  Please help us residents of Kundalahalli gate area live peacefully again. 



Instead of using one single 100 ft main road to connect Kundalahalli Gate to Balagere road, following multiple existing roads can be used to route and manage traffic

  1. Shirdi Sai Temple Road (as existing 30 ft road without damaging existing properties)
  2. VIBGYOR School Road (can be widened as there is ample open space available along this road)

  3. Thurbarahalli Road
  4. Road parallel to railway line in Munnekollal

A new 100 ft new road is also planned on lake buffer zone from BWSSB Water Putification plant on Balagere Road connecting to Varthur Kodi near Forum Mall. 

Also proper route management, maintaining roads in good condition, following traffic rules and preventing on-road parking can ensure smooth traffic movement in this busy neighbourhood.