Stop illegal burning in Namma Bengaluru

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In whatever part of Bengaluru you are, this should affect you and your lungs. It affected mine. This is the city that gave birth to me, but it feels like it's killing me now.

It was 9.30 PM on a Tuesday night when I found a young bunch of boys burning things on Bannerghatta road, near Jal Bhavan, amidst little traffic, I stopped my car, walked down and asked them what and why they were burning, the kids ran away and it was hard for me to chase them into the shady corners they ran into. This was not the first time I tried to stop/report burning. I cannot do this alone, I realized. 

I see something or the other burning every single day. Falling prey to cold, cough and flu are a part of your monthly routine if you're in Bengaluru. It's not just the pollen or the venomous smoke let out by the exhaust of the buses, trucks and autos. It's the burning. Please let's act now before it's late. 

Our city is burning, and we have to find a way to stop it. The BBMP has to take notice. We cannot have garbage/leaves/random things being burnt at unauthorized places only to end up in our lungs and blood streams as toxins.