Skywalk in front of NCC Ivory Heights, Mahadevpura

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It is a big problem to cross the road in front of NCC Ivory Heights, Mahadevpura owing to the fast moving traffic, coming down from the two flyovers on either side of the road.

One side of the road there are two big residential apartments and other side is the commercial hub. Road is connected on both sides with flyovers, bringing down fast moving traffic. Sometimes one have to wait for 10 to 15 minutes to cross the road.

Daily basis many people have to cross this road amidst so fast moving traffic. Some kids even have their school bus pick up & drop point across the road.

If we move little ahead below the Mahadevpura flyover, there is a huge chaos due to junction of 4 main roads and 4 service roads, increasing the agony of pedestrians.

This portion of Outer Ring Road have witnessed many accidents  owing to speeding traffic hitting the pedestrians. It is really dangerous to cross the road during any time of day.

Therefore, I request to show concern towards the pedestrians and provide them with legitimate safety.  Authorities are requested to act immediately and PROVIDE A SKY WALK in front of NCC Ivory Heights, Mahadevpura, this will ease the life of many people including kids and senior citizens.

I request you all to sign this petition and share this with everyone you know and support us to get this much required skywalk and help save precious lives.

Please help to make the life of so many people easy by signing the petition. Please help to let it happen.