Say Trees Bengaluru Bring back the lost glory

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Hallmark Lotus Layout Women Say Trees!

For Greener Bengaluru and Greater Bengaluru.

A group of women residing in Hallmark Lotus Layout, Yelenahalli initiated to plant saplings to increase the greenery of the layout, as part of World environment day celebration on June 5th. The layout was very calm and hosted many birds like cocoo, myna, crows, parrots, sparrows (which is now slowly extinct in Bengaluru) and used to wake them up with their chirping sound. Due to the rapid development around the layout the birds are slowly finding a new home. Women with high flying careers (Engineers, Event Managers and Educationalist) decided to do their bit for the environment and hoping to bring back the lost glory, initiated to plant saplings. The group funded the saplings themselves and bought 7 Sampige (Champak), 2 Nerale (Java Plum), 2 Badami  (Badam), 1 Honge (Indian Beech Tree) and a fence for the saplings. Places were picked to plant in 3rd, 4th and 5th  cross of the layout, along with a verbal consent of the residing people of the houses. The saplings were planted considering it does not block the entry /exit of the road or any house and also underground drainage / drinking water connection. Children and women with the help of a local labor planted the saplings.

Objection is been raised for planting saplings road side though it’s a Nobel cause and not blocking any entry/exit of the road. The Women’s team had investigated if any concern or approval required from authorities. BBMP website and BBMP Sahaya App has guidelines for felling the trees but no guidelines for planting the saplings. The BBMP green app can only be used to place the order for saplings but no guidelines available.

Why did the group decide to plant in the layout?

The reason is, planting in the layout is easy to take care of the sapling though there are many volunteer groups who support the cause. The Layout's group of women are working and willing to take care of the saplings minimum of two years, especially in summer. Planting them in the layout provide them easy access and just by walking across can water them and it will also preserve their layouts ground water level in which they are residing.

Why the group didn’t contact the Association?

Though association is registered, it is not active nor does it conduct any regular meeting which is required for an association. Still the group had informed in the WhatsApp Messenger about the initiation. Only a few responded and on the plantation day pictures were posted

What change the Women group is requesting?

  • BBMP to provide guidelines if citizens of Bengaluru want to plant saplings, what is the procedure to be followed
  • Provide an option for people to plant saplings in the layout they are living without blocking any road or damaging the drainage or water pipes.
  • Currently when house plan is approved, BBMP says “Shall plant at least two trees” let this be mandated based on the size of the plot
  • Provide a separate button in BBMP Sahaya App to take concern/approval for plantation

Say Trees For Greener Bengaluru and Greater Bengaluru.

- Jai Karnataka Jai Kannadambe