BBMP - Grant urgent funds to improve infrastructure at Yemalur Bridge

BBMP - Grant urgent funds to improve infrastructure at Yemalur Bridge

November 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rahul Jain

Yemalur Bridge connects 4 important roads - Bellandur Lake Road, Kempapura Main Road(Neev Academy road), Yemalur Road and Kariyamanna Agrahara Road. 

The bridge is very narrow - 2 cars can pass at a time - and the junction on the both sides leads to criss-cross traffic before the bridge. 

Everyday there is a heavy traffic on the bridge(both sides) during office hours. There is no traffic light management which causes immense chaos and inconvenience to all the people on the road. With WFH ending in most of the companies, there is an average wait of 10-15 mins just to cross the bridge and a similar time navigating through the built up traffic after that. On bad days, it takes anywhere close to 30 mins to cross the bridge. 

With a new Prestige commercial space coming on the Bellandur Lake Road(on the lake wetland across the Rajakaluve) the traffic situation will go from bad to worse and will cause immense loss of productive hours for the working class people. 

BBMP and Bangalore Traffic Police - We request for following changes 


1) Setup traffic lights at the Yemalur bridge 

2) Have dedicated traffic wardens at the Yemalur Bridge in mornings and evenings

3) Consider making Kempapura to Yemalur one way from the bridge. Traffic from Kempapura to Yemalur can be via Kempapura->Neev Academy->Yemalur and traffic from Yemalur to Kempapura can go via Yemalur->Rohan Jharoka ->Kempapura

Long Term(needs to start in the next few months)

1) Broaden the Yemalur Bridge

2) Improve the condition of the roads around Yemalur

3) Make Kariyamanna Agrahara road from Yemalur to Kariyamanna Agrahara motorable. This will lead to reduced traffic towards Bellandur and improve the traffic condition there. Traffic towards Prestige Tech Park, Embassy Tech Village will greatly benefit from this move. 

These changes will not only help the traffic movement but also improve the quality of life for the people living around the bridge. 

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Signatures: 132Next Goal: 200
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