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There are many illegal garbage dumps in Bangalore and the latest on the list is the one on Kanakapura main road opposite to Jaraganahalli bus stop. Most of the garbage is strewn on the road. It is a terrible sight and a nuisance to the residents of the area and to the passersby. It reduces the width of the road and makes it hard to travel on the road due to the unbearable stench it emits.

One can see hundreds of flies around the garbage which is an evidence of how unhygienic it is. It serves as food for the stray dogs and cows which may choke on the plastics. If left unattended, it can be a cause of many health hazards. This garbage dump not only affects the residents of the area, but also the children who play in the neighbouring playground and the hundreds of people who wait and board the buses in the Jaraganahalli bus stop.This garbage dump becomes more messed up when it rains. It acts as a breeding ground for diseases and mosquitoes.

This garbage can be completely eradicated only with the combined efforts of the residents and the BBMP. Though the dump is cleaned every now and then, people repeatedly dump their garbage and by the end of the day, it is littered all over again. This issue can be permanently solved only when the BBMP ensures the daily door to door collection of garbage from all the houses. This will ensure that the people don't  dispose their garbage on the road again.

Sign this petition to let the BBMP know how this affects the residents of this locality and demand for an immediate clean up of the dump. Together, we can make Kanakapura road clean again.


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