Fix dug up roads in K.Narayanapura, Kothanur - North Bangalore

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Update14th September: Patch up work happened this week on the Hennur road, we are grateful for the minor upgrade, it's not even half done and its not enough. 

The worst road currently is the K.Narayanapura, Kothanur - it needs at least patch up. 

9th September: There are broken roads everywhere around Kothanur. If you drive to Hennur, Hegde Nagar, Tannisandra or Kannur from Kothanur the roads are in terrible condition.  What should take less than 10 to 15 mins takes around 30  to 40 mins or more to get to the ring road or Yelahankha. Our backs are being hurt and have breathing issues and we have no idea when this new road will come up. 

We need to have this fixed now.  

Now added to this, there are traffic cops who are taking fines on the broken roads as per the new law. 

Who will be fined for the broken roads? 

Dust pollution is another problem. Due to the broken roads, the dust gets accumulated on the side of the roads and every time a vehicle passes there is dust smoke - children and people with asthma use this road regularly. There are about 35 schools in these localities and more of them travel on a bus or two-wheeler. Children fall sick often with allergies due to dust pollution. 

To protect our health we need the roads fixed as soon as possible. 

-- Residents of the pin code 560077 (Kothanur, Tannisandra, Hennur, Kammahalli and K. Narayanapura)