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Why Narrow Sanjaynagar Main Road(Bangalore) when it cannot be broadened

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Narrowing main road in Sanjaynagar to broaden the footpath will create more havoc then resolving the issue for pedestrians.

1. From Mekhri circle to Sanjaynagar, we have only one entry and since the width of the main road is not uniform, it will make it difficult to have a broaden footpath along the entire stretch as it narrows the main road at a many junctions which will create traffic congestion and impossible for motorist to commute let alone the pedestrians.

2.  Due to Traffic congestion, there is going to be lot more pollution, more accidents and less space for the movement of vehicles, people etc.

3.  The current footpath has to be maintained properly without investing on widening it, as widening will again create havoc with many hawkers occupying the entire footpath area and leaving no space for the pedestrians.

 4.  If required we can just widen the footpath along  one side of the Main road to reduce the chaos.

 5.  Proper pedestrians crossing should be demarcated to cross the road at all junctions.

 6.  Allot proper parking spaces on the main road. To compliment it , create an odd/even rule on a regular basis for parking.

 7.  Provide designated places for hawkers within the currently available space which will not block the footpath nor the Main road.

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