Make the walking safe for school Children

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Namaskara Sir/Madam

Near Capitol School Additional campus RBI layout Bangalore JP Nagar 7th Phase, Footpath is not covered, Several junk vehicles are parked on the road, railings A mango tree with railings is blocking the road, The road is damaged during sewerage pipeline repair. We have been trying to get these issues solved by writing complaints for past few months. Now we are sending you an online petition signed by more than 250 people. Your officials are inactive on our complaints. We cannot keep following up we too have our own jobs. Please help us.

1)Footpath cover:  In RBI layout 9th cross and 11th main corner, near capitol school and brigade gardenia , footpath is not covered, the drain is open. school children walk nearby. Previously all the footpath is RBI layout was covered by BBMP by engaging a contractor, but this remained open not sure why they forgot, Iam sure nobody stole the slab. If a child falls may break their legs and sometime it may even prove fatal. Who will then be held responsible. BBMP or the corporator or the people who keep quiet. We have complained many times but no action. Please get the footpath covered.

2)Junk Vehicles and parking of several vehicles :  in 9th cross RBI layout JP Nagar 7th ph Bangalore 78, near Capitol school additional campus and brigade gardenia , it is no parking area. But many old junk vehicles are parked from years. It has become a junk yard. Please remove them. Morning it causes lot of inconvenience to people going to the school. Also many cars of non residents from other places are using this road as a parking lot which creates lot of traffic jam during school hours. A complaint has been lodged earlier to kumaraswamy traffic police station but they came once and could not do much. Senior traffic police personnel should solve this matter once for all by getting all the vehicles towed.

3)Removal of railings around a tree in midst of road:  Brigade apartment people have barricaded a mango tree with railings in RBI Layout 9th cross end near capitol school additional campus. This has reduced the road width to less than 15 feet. Let the tree remain, Lets protect it, but remove the railings around the tree, so that children can walk freely from the side. now children have to walk in middle of the road. A complaint was also lodged with BBMP but no action from local engineers. 

4) Road cut for Laying Sewage line to be repaired: This road 9th Cross RBI Layout entrance to Capitol school additional campus was cut by a BWSSB contactor to connect a sewage pipe from brigade gardenia annexe to RBI layout manhole. As per the Brigade apartment residents bwssb should have asphalted the road.  Road worsened and become more unsafe for parents and children. After few days someone put construction debris to close the holes worsening the situation. Once a mother and kid on two wheeler feel down while riding on theis dug debris road.  BBMP and BWSSB should coordinate and has to Asphalt this road.



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