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Roads should be roads, not rivers n terrains

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Citizens of India – in Bangalore are spending most of our precious time on roads and it is ruining our health because of polluted air, we are also wasting precious natural resources like burning fuels un-necessarily and due to this there would be a great impact on our nation’s economy.

Vehicle traffic in Bangalore is increasing day by day and it is taking more than an hour for commuting a mere of 5 kilometers. Government is not considering these issues seriously and they seem to be with ‘chalta hai’ attitude with no future plans to control the traffic, maintaining the roads and making new road infrastructures.

Everyone knows that the main reason for such heavy traffic is because of very bad road conditions, violating the traffic rules, parking the vehicles on road-sides, improper maintenance of drainage systems, un-controlled / manual traffic signal operations etc.,

Following are the possible solutions that government can easily adopt and make an immediate change in our commuting style to the welfare of mankind and national integrity.

1.       Government should speed-up their activities in : -

a.       Laying proper and strong roads by implementing stringent rules to the private infrastructure companies who take up the Contracts.

b.       Providing better and permanent drainage system.

c.       Periodic maintenance of roads – covering the potholes using quality materials using well - trained man forces.

d.       Laying proper sign-boards, signals and lighting facilities.

e.       Organize periodic meetings with citizens and discuss about the concerns/ future plans.

f.        Arrange country wide meetings and pool ideas to improve the infrastructure and maintenances.


2.       Also Government / Local Bodies in cities should prompt few example rules below: -

a.       Implementing strict rules to cab-operators – limiting the number of vehicles, stringent emission checks, order not to park on road-sides and follow the traffic rules & regulations.

b.       Promoting public transports by increasing the public vehicle frequencies.

c.       Warn citizens to do more car-pooling and not to use four-wheelers for single person commute –  if found so should be penalized.

d.       Ask corporates to increase the cab facilities and reduce the usage of own vehicles.

e.       Warn citizens to follow traffic rules in all situations – identify the violators and take necessary actions.

f.        Regular emission checks should be done for all passenger / private vehicle and educate the passengers about the pollution issues

g.       Plying time for water tankers and other heavy vehicles should be allocated in non peak hours and follow it strictly without relaxing the violations for money.

h.       Limit the new vehicle registrations.



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