Add Charcoal to Approved Color List

Add Charcoal to Approved Color List

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BBLCA Board of Directors

Why this petition matters

Started by Elizabeth Bako

This petition is to add the color of charcoal to the list of approved exterior paint colors in the Big Bass Lake Community.  Several members have spoken out and/or written to the board to ask that they add charcoal as an exterior paint option. Some of their given reasons for wanting to add charcoal as an approved color are:

Charcoal is very popular with current exterior design aesthetics.

Charcoal is one of the most natural colors and blends well within the natural beauty of our neighborhood. It is a solid Earth Tone.

Charcoal is a popular color for houses in wooded areas specifically, and several charcoal colored Pocono houses have recently been featured in Philadelphia Magazine; its a common local color popular to the region.

There are several charcoal houses currently in Big Bass and they elevate the look of the neighborhood.

Charcoal is a subtle, durable color that will neither stick out nor fade out of fashion.

The color charcoal would be a welcome refresh to the neighborhood, and to the current approved color pallet.


117 have signed. Let’s get to 200!