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Mandatory School Bus Monitors - Riverside 114.

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Hello, I am a parent in the Riverside School District.  As you other parents know the safety of our children traveling to and from school is very important.  Everyday, we depend on the school buses to transport our children to and from school safely. 

Sadly, that is often not the case.  Sometimes children get in fights, sometimes they get bullied,  most of the things kids talk about are vulgar and full of profanities especially since the buses are not separated by age.  Most recently, and what let me to start this petition was my child choking from someone spraying pepper spray on the bus. 

I know that the child that sprayed the pepper spray did get in trouble, but that is not the point.  The point is that most of the issues on our school buses could be prevented if each bus had a monitor.  I have also been told that the bus driver is responsible for the kids on the bus.  The bus driver should not be held accountable for the actions of the students on the bus.  The bus drivers main focus should be driving the bus.

I spoke with the primary principal and I was told that the situation regarding the pepper spray had been handled.  The principal and the school are repeatedly failing to understand that instead of handling the issues on a case by case basis, they could prevent the issues from happening if they would just appoint/hire bus monitors.

Please sign my petition to demand that Riverside 114 appoint/hire bus monitors for each bus.  Thank you.


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