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Phonecall from Peter Rippon - but it's not enough

Shanene Thorpe
London, United Kingdom

May 30, 2012 — I got an unexpected call at work on Tuesday -- from Newsnight Editor Peter Rippon. So he does know I've got a job!

He congratulated me on the petition, and apologised "if I'd been mis-represented". He also tried to blame my employer, Tower Hamlets Council, for setting the interview up (at Newsnight's request).

I appreciate the offer, but I don't think it's enough. I still want a public apology and a full explanation as to how this was allowed to happen.

I'm ready to meet the team behind the show in person -- so I can tell them my side of the story and make sure this doesn't happen to anybody else.

Come on Mr Rippon, more than 20,000 people want you to take responsibility for your actions.


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