BBC must write a new article to say sorry about this damaging and untruthful article

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Ariana Heim
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BBC News has posted the damaging article in the following link; 

This article contains many untruthful and invalidated claims, namely the argument that an animal that would normally be an omnivore in the wild, cannot thrive on a specifically formulated vegan diet.

The article states that it is not a good idea to keep a fox in a home, however what the writers do not consider is that this particular fox was rescued, and at the time was struggling with many health issues stemming from his previous care. The photos in question were taken when he was first adopted, and before his health issues IMPROVED by being put on a properly formulated vegan diet.

Sonia is a passionate activist who would never jeopardize the health of an animal in her care, and she takes thoughtful and meticulous care of her rescued Fennec fox. The accusers who originally started this campaign are merely waging a personal war against Sonia, and their claims are rooted in false accusations and incorrect information.

We urge you, the BBC, to issue an apology to Sonia and to retract your previous article which has zero foundation in fact.

We strongly believe that vegan life is the only nonviolent and healthy life style. This article which raises many doubtful questions and quotes is a huge damage not only towards the animal owner, but also towards wellbeing of our planet, animals and earth resources.