Urge BBC Earth to air Dominion and Cowspiracy

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samantha rogers
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Ever since the age of seven, I considered myself an animal lover. I wanted to rescue as many as I could and secure a better world for everyone. But here’s what I was doing wrong; I didn’t align my morals with my actions. 

It was around eighth grade. I was staying at my aunt’s place in China. She was showing me around the city when we went through a meat marketplace as a shortcut. Once we stepped in, I knew something wasn’t right just by the smell. 

There were bunnies crammed into wire cages, their eyes desperate for help. Up ahead were some chickens flapping around in a tiny net. I felt nauseous seeing all the blood on the floor next to them. The deeper we got into the market, the more sights I saw. There were snakes dangling from their throats, already bled out from the knife. What seemed to be the skinless corpse of a baby cow was displayed out on a cart. 

I thought, how awful are these people to do this to animals? Then I noticed that in my very own hands was lamb skewer. That’s when I realized that I was one of those people. 

If I knew then what I know now, I never would’ve purchased that lamb skewer, or the chicken wings I had earlier. The reason why I swore off anything that involves the exploitation of animals is because I saw the terror, the blood, and the violence that comes with it. 

I am making this petition because I feel it is important for all of us to know what we are supporting. Truth is crucial for us to be able to make an informed decision. Moreover, we all deserve to know the truth about animal agriculture and its devastating impact on sentient animals, our planet and our health. Education is power, and BBC Earth is one of the most respected nature channels for education. Broadcasting the documentaries Dominion and Cowspiracy will educate and empower the public to make decisions that are vital to our survival. It's time we all help each other to make sure that we can not only sustain but also thrive.