Time to hang up the 6 music drivetime headphones, Lamacq; let Ravenscroft step in.

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Steve "Lammo / The Laminator" Lamacq, you have done, and do so much for the thriving music scene in the UK and beyond.  You have a gift for finding and breaking new bands, furthering the careers of a multitude of musicians, bringing their art to millions of new ears.  

For that, bless you Sir!

Long may you continue to do so.

However, it may be time time pass one particular baton on.

The 6 Music drive time show needs a new driver.

A driver as equally enthusiastic and hungry for new music, as well as appreciating the music of days past, as yourself

To this end, I would like to put it to those at the BBC, specifically 6 Music, that they consider Tom Ravenscroft for the position of host of the weekday 4pm - 7pm slot.

The best words one can hear after a long day...
"Hiya, this is Ravers in for Lammo...."