The Croft Derby - Host

The Croft Derby - Host

1 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jen Jon

The Croft student accommodation in Derby is forcing tenants to continue to pay their rent whilst the majority are not currently residing there, or the rest are in isolation due to the government's lockdown. Meanwhile HOST has enabled other accommodations (namely in Birmingham, Bristol, London, and more!) to cancel their tenancy, and not pay for their third term.

If this is allowed for one case it should be allowed for all.

The facilities have also been closed due to this lockdown, including the gym, cinema and lounge. Meaning that HOST are currently benefitting, whilst students are paying for facilities they are not allowed to use. 

If landlords are being given mortgage and renting holidays, why should this not be the case for the tenants? Especially considering that the payment is due before student loans are available. These loans should be used to support students and their families during this pandemic. 

Numerous students and parents have been let off jobs due to this pandemic, meaning they are unable to provide for themselves/their families. If they are unable to have an income, how are they able to pay for expensive accommodation that they are not residing in?

HOST has provided no help, despite numerous emails and letters, and should not be favouring different buildings, as it is extremely unfair and unjust. 

Tenants should be asked to move out by a certain date after lockdown has lifted. 

Please sign and share- tagging HOST if possible, Thank you for your time. 

Edited- Upon posting this petition, HOST have now banned further comments on facebook, meaning they have viewed our statement and still are refusing to listen. 

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Signatures: 99Next Goal: 100
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