BBC NI should cancel the Nolan Show as a platform for stirring sectarian tensions.

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This petition calls for BBC NI to cancel the Nolan Show on the basis that it seeks to stir sectarian tensions for ratings. In doing so, it is detrimental to good community relations and building a shared society. The show is also irresponsible in providing a regular platform for illegal proscribed paramilitary organisation representatives and apologists to air their extreme views which are not representative of public opinion.

For example, on 3rd February 2021, the show provided a platform for an unelected representative of illegal proscribed paramilitary organisations to threaten violence relating to the NI Protocol. This is highly irresponsible and risks inflaming tensions which could lead to violence. However this is not a unique example and the show regularly platforms unelected representatives and apologists for paramilitary organisations.

By cancelling the show, BBC NI can restore some integrity to its broadcasting and provide a public service rather than a public disservice.

Thank you.