Televise all womens rugby games

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Women’s rugby should be on television for all to watch. In a world of apparent equality, this shouldn’t even be an issue, but women’s rugby has been televised very rarely on Tv and on any other social media platform. 

Over the many years of watching rugby, womens rugby has had to unfairly take a back seat. We are slowly coming out of the dark ages and some major games like the 6 nations are finally starting to get some coverage, but autumn internationals and lower level games don’t. This is not good enough. Having a young impressionable daughter who plays rugby and wants to support wales men and women, means I have to try and answer the question, why women’s rugby is not on television. I can’t answer that, as I see no logical reason for it. No young women or girls aspiring to play rugby in this day and age, should have to wonder why the ladies games are not valid enough to grace our screens like our wonderful men’s game. 

Please help this petition go forward, because womens rugby is an amazing game to watch, and is something the public are losing out on.