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Stop The Anti Jeremy Bias On Have I Got News For You

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This show actually used to be funny and unbiased. You used to only get good satire, with jokes about out-of-touch Tories, or a Blairite like Ed Miliband gurning into a meat sandwich. Those guys actually deserve the brunt of political satire. But, now all we get are gratingly unfunny jibes about Jeremy (Corbyn). Even the audience don’t laugh as much at those bits, they’re more awkward and cringe worthy than anything. They're probably all sat there, wondering where the jokes about an evil pro austerity government are going to start. 

BBC - why would you expect laughs at the expense of someone who is that well respected? It doesn’t make sense. Why would you laugh at someone who is trying to do something great for everybody? That doesn’t make sense either. Simple fact is, you’re not. In fact, the laughter even sounds tinny and inauthentic. Try it at home and listen back to the audio quality after a Jeremy Corbyn ‘joke’. It just sounds weird, almost forced. 

If Ian Hislop and the makers of this show had any respect left, they would have a serious word with the producers and make this programme fair again. Right now, they've lost a hell of a lot of viewers. 


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