Stop BBC One airing Doctor In the House.

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This program of Doctor In the House has been made over the last few months claiming that changing of dietary requirements can 'cure' chronic illnesses or diseases within the human body.

A young mother recently started suffering with 'cluster headaches' which involves severe pain within the brain causing the person to collapse and not be aware of their surroundings.

This condition causes severe pain to the sufferer and also is suffered towards as 'suicide headaches' as the pain has also caused people to commit suicide due to its unpredictable nature when it decides to strike throughout the brain overall.

As with chronic illnesses affecting the 'Central Nervous System' such as Fibromyalgia, Multiple Schrosis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was discussed within the final episode of 'Doctor In The House' on BBC One at 22:45 on the 27th of June.

It was made to be adjusted that sorely a mere change of 'diet' can cure chronic illnesses or even eating disorders!

Which is hugely problematic as this isn't the case at all. Not even one piece actually, yes diets can help symptoms but not 'completely cure' a person from chronic pain or even a eating disorder.

It feels this program hasn't displayed health conditions in the correct context at all, as in a way it's made people feel ashamed to be on medication and blaming the person themselves for having a chronic illness or having an eating disorder.

This isn't the persons fault for having ill health, medical problems can strike anyone of any age.

Fibromyalgia being the main medical case here wasn't dealt with at all in a correct manner there's been vast misinformation was given by this 'doctor' who claimed via his voice and lack of information over Fibromyalgia to be very dismissive that the condition even 'exists' which he's very incorrect as it does exist and causes chronic pain all over the musculoskeletal regions of the human body. 

Fibromyalgia is a 'Central Nervous System' disorder which causes the brain to misfire signals into the Central Nervous System, almost like a scart lead has been broken and isn't sending the right signals to the main area these signals are needed to fully function as they should be.

The signals are infact 'pain signals' and they're being misfires all over the musculoskeletal regions of the body causing moderate to severe 'chronic pain' and also other neurological problems such as:



Sensitive skin 

Blurred vision 


Extreme fatigue 

Struggling to control body temperature

Blurred vision

Brain fog

Poor memory

Headaches / Migraines

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 




Peripheral Neuropathy 


There's so many symptoms linked with Fibromyalgia it's referred towards as a 'Syndrome' which means that it's a condition with many other medical conditions that can come with it and / or are linked.

This program overall seems a very uneducated way with how they deal with chronic illness and with how a vast majority of people with Fibromyalgia and various linked conditions are being 'punished' and 'victimised' simply for having a condition they cannot control. 

Chronic pain is 'lifelong' it doesn't go away. Mindfulness does NOT 'cure' chronic pain nor does a mere 'change of diet' it helps with your lifestyle but not with pain levels.

This program needs removing as to many people from watching this is fully exploiting others who have chronic illnesses with a 'miracle cure' which isn't on at all and incorrect medical information.

If this gets towards at least 100,000 or less I'll personally will speak to the BBC and my local news channel about Fibromyalgia and raise awareness with how it affects my dad day to day and also speak about the lovely people within the Fibromyalgia UK group on Facebook! 




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