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Iraqis are protesting against the government that destroyed the people for 15 years because of corruption and Nepotism, unemployment and lack of services. It was a peaceful protest until the government started arresting and killing them publicly, cutting off the internet and all means of connection inside of the country to cover up the misery. The iraqi media is controlled by the government so nobody knows what is going to happen. The Iraqi army is facing the protestors with guns and is trampling them by cars, we need the government to lift the internet ban from the people so we can know what is going on and make sure everyone is safe including my relatives. The victims so far are hundreds of dead, wounded and detained souls. We have photos and videos that document it! Please don't ignore this message as a lot of lives depend on this. We ask you for urgent intervention! Show your support for the right of Iraqi people to protest peacefully by signing this petition and sharing the following hashtag: #Save_the_Iraqi_People