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Sack Sean O'Connor (the new producer) from EastEnders

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Have you been wondering why EastEnders has been so boring lately? Boring bin storylines. Leaky roof storylines. The loss of iconic characters (Ronnie, Roxy, Pam, Les). The introduction of atrocious characters (Fake Michelle Fowler, Preston, Madison, Alexandra, Woody Woodward, Clark Kent). The slow paced, life draining storylines. The inconsistencies (such as the bus crash week). Then the short, simple answer is the new producer. 

Sean O'Connor forced Sam Womack and Rita Simons out of the show as he hated the Mitchell Sisters: Ronnie Mitchell and Roxy Mitchell. He gave them the exit they didn't deserve and after they died, the characters were completely forgotten about as the entire Mitchell family compeletely forgot they existed...

Hes introduced some of the worst and most boring characters in the history of television. Fake Michelle is an iconic example. Who cares about her? Who can relate to her? 

Remember the worst storyline in the history of EastEnders? The bin storyline that lasted for 7 MONTHS?! That's all down to Sean O'Connor. 

Also, the Max revenge storyline has been confirmed to last for THREE YEARS. That's right. THREE. As if it wasn't boring and dragged on enough...

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