Renew Harlots for season 4!!!!!

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Please renew Harlots the only all female produced and directed show that so many fans love beyond words!!!! Harlots has a strong fan following and a 97% average rotten tomatoes rating! It is a show that so many different races and genders can relate too and it is finally a story told from a women's point of view!!! Please bring back this gem!!! 

Some plots we still need to see come to life!!!!

1.) Please let us see what happens with Lucy and Lydia !!! Will they work together or continue the Wells Quigley feud?? What about Margaret who is still out there???
2.) More Emily Lacey please!! She is too funny and we need to see if she lives long enough to see her muff turn silver!!!! 
3.) Does Elizabeth Harvey get out of debtors jail and what about Mr. North??? Also Fredo??? 
4.) What happens with Nancy and Lady Isabella???? Also Kate, the prince and Justice Knox????
5.) What happens with Harriet and
Jack Lively???
6.) Does Fanny and Cherry continue to run the Well's family brothel???
7.) Please bring back Charles Quigley !!!!
8.) Also a return of Amelia, Mrs. Scanwell and Violet would also be great additions!!!!

Harlots still remained endlessly intriguing and beyond entertaining even with the loss of the beloved Charlotte. Every character is so well written, unique and original with stories and plots that never disappoint, as well as the breathtaking scenery and costumes. Phenomenal acting all around! Truly this show is in a class all itself and to end it here is a real mistake especially since the show was never really promoted as it should have been. Please bring back Harlots!!!!