We need a Climate Watch programme on BBC

We need a Climate Watch programme on BBC

8 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Christine Coles

With the Climate Crisis escalating, causing more extreme weather events, floods, fires, droughts, loss of forests, melting glaciers and terrible loss of species around the world, there is no ongoing reporting on the BBC at prime time informing ordinary people. 
We are limited to social media to watch heartbreaking reports on Australian bushfires killing people, livestock and wild animals, deforestation destroying the homes of indigenous people and wild animals, flooding causing homelessness and many other events in which the changing climate has added to the severity. This, with just a small average increase in global temperature and on a trajectory to continue rising. 
Many people don’t understand why human activity releasing carbon dioxide and other “greenhouse” gases into the atmosphere causes heating. 
We ask ourselves “what can I do?”.

When people are correctly informed and kept up to date, they can begin to engage and decide what they can do to help as individuals, and how they can influence those in power who can make a big difference.
What is most important is the urgency of the need for everyone to act now as scientists tell us that time has been wasted and has almost run out. 

A short daily report following the weather, or a weekly “Climate Watch” or “Climate File” programme could start to better inform us. 
It could focus on Britain, be balanced and include a world news section.
Scientists, Naturalists and Celebrities could be presenting. People generally prefer to get their news from mainstream TV. 

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Signatures: 73Next Goal: 100
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  • BBC presenters and organisers