PinkBelt in India- Women safety training, 80,000 females trained already-help us to spread

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Indian women are facing severe problem from decades,  Sexual assaults violence & harassment every other day, My Story - I was born and brought up in India and at the age of 14Yrs. Won medal in International martial arts Championship worked as  Tour Manager in London. This role required me to do a lot of research on the social system,religious beliefs, culture etc and also led me to open my mind and start seeing at some extent about worst condition of women in India, I always thought very different about myself, having been raised in an Indian society, but after interacting with people from around the world, my views were changed about my existence and importance as a female, leading me to finally feel at peace with myself. I wanted to help other women and make them feel this way too. I had in-depth knowledge about their life and their sufferings, exploitation and sacrifices, these over thoughts started making me feel “Why I am living meaningless, purposeless life” Finally the time came in my life when no materialistic things were making me happy, I started feeling depressed (I didn’t know why) because I was in London doing my dream job which all I wanted in my life But by 2016 I made a decision I gave up my highly paid job, came back to India and Started “Pink Belt Mission” for women safety & empowerment, I aim to give every woman SELF - strength, confidence, Self Respect and Esteem to be able to see this world is safest place for them to live with pride and I founded:-
“PINK BELT" Mission
“Write your destiny of Strength”

It’s a Mission for women to be “CERTIFIED SELF DEFENDER” as I believe “Strong woman makes Stronger humanity, Society, Nation and whole World” I Started conducting 3-4 Hours workshop for women in various cities to make women aware about their legal rights, their own safety against molestation and all kind of sexual assaults & abuse, eve teasing etc. Hence, learning self defense for every Woman must be mandatory. Pink Belt Project provides the participants a great self confidence and Emotional, Physical, mental booster for life long and develop understanding they are not less than their gender counterparts.
So far we trained 80,000 females & made 2000 PinkBelt trainers, it’s all round development via Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Legally, Digitally & betterment of their life in all aspects. Now they are not waiting for any super Hero because they are their own “She-ERO’s”. “People are known for what they gave to others” we have only two choices at the end of life “leave or give” I made my choice. Help us to spread this mission so we can strengthen every women of our country �