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Persons of INDIAN Origin should be called "INDIANS" and not ASIANS

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Millions of people originated from Indian subcontinent are well educated  and settled in many countries of the world. They are living lawfully and well integrated into the foreign societies . Of course there are some exceptions but most of them  follow the law of the land while retaining their rich culture. They are occupying high positions and managing big businesses. Temples and Gurudwaras do lot of charity without any bias to any one. According to a study in Harvard Business Review, as of mid-2013, India’s export share of Fortune Global 500 company CEOs — that is, CEOs who are heads of companies headquartered in a country not their own — is 30 percent. That places India in territory comparable to countries like Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Because of the visibility of these posts, the success of Indian-born chief executives in the cutthroat global arena is quite striking to their fellow Indians. To think that a country that until recently was considered synonymous with poverty and destitution is now producing world-beating chief executives at iconic global companies is a source of national pride.

BBC, media , political parties and common citizens  address the persons of Indian origins as SOUTH ASIANS by clubbing them with people from Pakistan , Bangladesh. Surprisingly Chinese are excluded from Asian category and all called Chinese. It was okay to address like this few decades because of small community and were held in respect. However due to recent incidents like terrorist attacks and sex  grooming gangs in UK have earned very bad name for the people from South Asian region. People of Indian origins feel embarrassed notwithstanding the fact they are not involved except in such ghastly and shameful acts. These acts have been carried out by people from Pakistan and Bangladesh along with their pals due to religions bonding. We request you to drop labelling Indians as ASIANS and address them on the basis of their country of  origin instead calling them ASIANS. This is because of the reason that hate crime is on rise and no innocent Indian should be subjected to heat from the people who commit the hate crimes.

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