peace loving Eritreans in uk are sending a message to BBC Tigrinay to stop the fake news .

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peace loving Eritreans in uk are sending a clear message to BBC to stop the fake news via the BBC Tigrinya news running and funding by the Weiane Junta who pretend as an Eritrean opposition group to violate the peace accord after the rapprochement with Ethiopia. As we all know BBC Tigrinya is always campaigning against Eritrea by propagating false derogative and distractive views despite the on going co operation by both nations. Let the world and the fake BBC Tigrinya news know That Eritreans are resilient and ready to over come any obstacles to violate the peace accord, therefore if BBC do not reconsider their aggressive views on Eritrea through Tigringa fake and fabricated news the peace loving Eritreans are ready to stop paying TV licence.