Offer Jayda Fransen a Seat on the Question Time Panel

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Jayda Fransen has entered the media spotlight in recent days, following her videos being retweeted by President Trump.

While the Liberal Elite call for her arrest, and do all they can to get her videos deleted, I believe that as a result of the media attention she has attracted, Jayda deserves a place on Question Time.

Regardless of whether you support Britain First or not, I think it's important for their radical views, which have been recognised in recent months, to be debated and challenged on a national platform.

On Libertarian grounds, I believe that censoring any fringe ideology creates an Echo Chamber, where views are not debated, and only worsens extremism. However by inviting such activists to debate on a national platform, we are enabling them to exercise their free speech, and for their opinion to be taken seriously, in a place where they come under the same scrutiny as those in the mainstream.

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