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OCD should not be taken lightly, it is indeed a serious mental health issue

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Triviliasation of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) has lead to a maintenance of stigmatising views associated with individuals who suffer from this disorder. Exensive amounts of research have indicated that public stigma develops into self stigma for the sufferer and this consequently leads to more harmful psychological issues. Studies have also shown that self stigma leads to individuals feeling embarrased and the label becomes a barrier for them in terms of help seeking.

The only way we can solve this problem is by showing that we care about mental health issues just like any other disease and that we understand the seriousness of the disorder and how it impacts the daily life of an individual who has to live with OCD.

Current statistics show that approximately in the UK, 741, 504 people suffer from OCD with 50% of cases being in the extreme category. The World health organisation have argued and classed OCD as a very harmful psychological issue that leads to a significantly poor quality of life.

A large number of sufferers don't even consider getting treatment and remain in pain in silence and this HAS TO BE STOPPED. The only way we can do this is by putting a positive image out there that it is okay to have a mental health issue as any other medical condition and if the public stigma is reduced then there is a high chance of OCD sufferers coming out of a 'locked up' life and aiming to recover.

Please make a positive change, these people are NOT insane, they are just like us, people who want to be happy! and the only way they can become happy is if WE MAKE THEM HAPPY!

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